DFS Family Directory - System: How to Update to version 4.3.8

How to update your ParishSOFT software to version 4.3.8

  1. Back up your database and report files.
  2. Close out of all ParishSOFT modules.
  3. Click on: Update438 which will download the executable to your local drive.
  4. When the file has finished downloading make sure you and all others are out of all ParishSOFT applications.
  5. Open your Downloads(1) folder and locate the parishsuiteupdate438.exe(2) file. Right-click on the file, and click Run as administrator(3).2017-12-12_14-07-30.png
  6. Follow the prompts through the update.
  7. Be sure to enter the following password exactly to open this zip file: PS438
  8. When it asks if you wish to overwrite this file select Yes to All.2017-12-15_10-25-37.png
  9. When the software update completes, open any module of ParishSOFT, it will take longer to load because it is updating all the modules on your computer. 
  10. Your software has been updated! Repeat steps 2-7 for every computer at your church
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