CNA L&P - Bills: Can I tell how a bill was paid: by EFT, by ACH, or by a real check?

Is there a feature within the Bills Module to indicate whether a bill was paid via Bill Pay/EFT/DEBIT versus a bill paid with a conventional check?

The software does not have a way to track whether the bill was paid with a "real" check, an EFT, or through Bill Pay unless you demark them in the check numbers you assign.

  • For EFT checks (Electronic Funds Transfer), begin the check number with EFT; eg., EFT101017
  • For ACH debits, begin the check number with ACH;eg., ACH10007099
  • For Bill Pay (optional feature) begin the check number with BP; eg., BP101011
  • Conventional Checks will simply have a number with no preface





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