CNFS Family Directory - Family List: How Many Families and also Registered Families Are at My Church?

To Identify the number of families at your church:

1. Go to the Family Directory > Family List

2. Make sure all your filters are cleared by clicking these three things (if the filter with a red X - #1 - is not showing, then that means it is already cleared and you are good):


3. Then look to the bottom of the list and see the number of records in parenthesis (the red box in the image above) and that is the number of families at your church. 

4. To see the number of Registered Families, or Active Families, or Registered-Active Families (or any sort of family for that matter), click the filter icon that does not have a red X, set the filters that you would like (for Registered families, select "Registered") and then check that number of records at the bottom of the list:



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