CNFS Offering - Contributions: How to Bulk-Edit Contributions in a Batch

How do you bulk-edit contributions in a batch

Only batches in a Committed or Open Status may be edited. See the following article to manage information in a closed batch.

1. Go to the Offering module.

2. Locate the Batch that you intend to delete and take note of the Batch Name and Date



3. Go to the Contribution List and select the Date Range(1) of the Batch. Click on View Contributions(2). The Contributions for this Date Range should populate. If you need to further filter the results, you can type in the Batch Name(3) in the Batch Field. Select all of the contributions you need to edit, select the edit pencil icon(5):


4. Update the information that you need to for all of the contributions, put in the reason, select save:






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