CNFS-Offering: Create a Batch Detail Report in IQ Sorted Alphabetically

If you would like to sort your Batch Detail report data alphabetically by Family Last Name, this report could be produced in the IQ module. 


Open a new query and start by adding "Batch: Batch DUID: is equal to: (Batch ID from Batch Management screen below)" to the conditions (that number is found below in your batch list):



... then adding "Families: Last Name," "Batches: Batch DUID," "Funds: Fund Name," "Contributions: Payment Amount," and "Contributions: Payment Type," "Contributions: Payment Date" to the result columns (in addition to whatever else you want):




Now to make the Query Results sort in alphabetical order by Family Name, click on the arrows next to "Families Last Name" in the Result Columns and choose "Ascending."



Then click Execute Query:

This will produce your batch report data sorted alphabetically by last name. Now all that's left is to export your data to Excel. Click Query Results, and choose "Export to CSV."




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