PSFS Religious Ed - Student Directory: How to add students to a class

How to add students to a class

This topic shows you how to add students to a class from the Dashboard, Student Directory, or the Classes page.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click Dashboard.
    • Click Student Directory.
    • Click Classes.


  1. Click +Add Students.

  1. Select the term. Then, select the class you want to add students to.

  2. From the Records list, select the people records you want to use as the source for selecting students.

You can select students from a number of sources, including Family Directory or an existing class, as the illustration below shows:

The system updates and shows you a list of individuals matching the people records you selected.

  1. If desired, use the header filters at the top of the list to further narrow down the list.

For example, if you are adding students to a Grade 1 class, specify the age range of the students at this grade level by typing age values (for example, 6 to 8) in the Filter By Age fields. Then, click Filter to show only those students in that age range. Or, use the name filters if you know the name of the person you want to add.

  1. To add students to the selected class, complete the following:

  • A checkmark next to a student's name indicates that he or she is already a member of the class.
  • A yellow notification icon next to a student's name indicates that the student is already scheduled for another class in the same term. The purpose of the icon is to prevent you from unintentionally enrolling a student in more than one class in the same term. If you want to enroll the student, simply click the icon.
  • Click next to the student's name to view the student's address and phone number. Viewing this information can help you verify that you have the right person.

a. Next to the student you want to add, click  .

The student's name is added to the New Students list on the right. If you make a mistake and want to remove a student from the list, click .

b. Repeat Step 6a for each student you want to add.

c. When ready to add all selected students to the class, click Add Students.

The software updates the class list and then displays the Student Directory page.

If you want to verify that the selected students were added to the class, select the class from the list on the Class List tab. Then, select the Students tab in the right panel to display the names of students in the selected class. Locate the name of the students you added in this list.


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