PSFS Offering - Batches: How to edit/correct contributions in a closed batch

How to edit/correct contributions in a closed batch


Since you cannot re-open a closed batch to make changes (including changing posting dates, amounts, funds, or batch deletions), you must reverse the original batch and add the correcting transactions by creating a "Correction Batch."

You may not use Quick Entry Posting for this kind of correction batch since a correction batch requires entering negative $$ numbers. Negative dollar amounts are only possible in Detail Posting.

Only entries with incorrect information need to be recreated in the correction batch. Entries that do not have errors do not need to be added.

Steps for creating a correction batch: (see screenshot below)

  1. Go to the Batch Management page and create a new Detailed Posting Batch.
    Add_Correction_Batch.pngUsing the same batch description (name) helps to later identify which batch is being corrected by this correction batch. Add the word "Correction" to the end of the description to differentiate this correction batch from the original closed batch.
    • Leave the batch "Cash Total" at $0.00 since your positive and negative entries will be a wash.
    • Make a record of the "Batch ID" number. The Batch ID number is useful when posting individual contributions to the batch using the "Posting→ Detailed Posting" function if you have many open batches.
  2. Re-enter all the incorrect contributions -- identical to the original incorrect postings with the same posting date, fund, family, and amount -- except.. use NEGATIVE $$ amounts. This will negate the original (incorrect) posted contribution.
  3. Next, in this same correction batch, post all the contributions again. This time with all the corrected information (fund, posting date, etc) and POSITIVE $$ amounts

    Once complete, this correction batch should contain pairs of contributions based on the original entries in the closed batch: One each with a negative $$ amount (with original incorrect information), and one each with a positive $$ amount with corrected information.

    The software will identify that a correction has been made and once the correction batch is closed, the only contribution that will show to the giver on their end-of-year tax statement is the corrected one.

If you are not used to using the Detailed Posting option, it does not list all transactions entered the way the Quick Entry Posting option does. You must run a Batch Report to see all the entries.

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