CNFS Offering - Edit Contributions in a Closed Batch

How to correct contributions that are in a closed batch

Since you cannot re-open a closed batch to make changes, you must reverse the original batch by creating a "Correction Batch."

Creating a Correction Batch Steps:

  1. Create a new Detailed Posting batch (named the same as the original with "Correction" at the end of its name)
  2. Re-enter ALL the incorrect contributions identical to the original incorrect postings (same date, fund, family, and amount) except.. use negative amounts. This will make it look like the posting never happened. 
  3. Then, in the same correction batch, add all the contributions again. This time with all the corrected information. 

That means that- in this correction batch- you should have pairs of contributions: One negative $$ amount with incorrect information; and one with positive $$ amount with correct information.

The software will identify that a correction has been made and once the correction batch is closed, the only contribution that will show to the giver is the corrected one.

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