DFS Family Directory - Sync: How to ensure Sync is On and Running

How to ensure Sync is On and Running

1. To ensure Sync is on and running, make sure the sync icon is showing in the bottom right of your computer screen. It might be collapsed in the menu, so click the arrow to make sure it's there: 



2. If it's not there, open Sync by going to your Family Directory Module; then click Diocese in the toolbar on the top, and finally, click "Synchronize Data to Diocese," the second option from the drop-down menu. Now sync is open and on

3. Make sure the check-box that says "Automatic startup of this application when computer starts" is checked.

You can exit out of the sync menu(3) but when prompted with Exit Application?(2) click no. This will exit out of the window, but keep Sync working in the background: 


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