PSFS IQ - Offering: How to find non-pledgers?

How to find non-pledgers? 

To build it in IQ we built the following query (this was done for Registered Families): 

First add your desired results columns. In the query below I've added Family DUID, which is required for the query to work, and Mailing Name for reference. 

Next add the Query Conditions. I've added Families is Registered is equal to Yes. This ensures it pull only information for registered families. To find our Non-Pledges we add Family DUID. Next change "is equal to" to "in sub query". It should look like this: 
Next we add the sub query. Click [edit sub-query] and add the following conditions. Pledge DUID is greater than 1 and Pledges Fund DUID is equal to [enter value]. Enter the Fund ID for your pledge fund here. In this case the desired Fund ID was 3555. 


Click Ok and Execute the query. It should bring up all of those Registered parishioners who have donated to the fund but do not have a Pledge. 


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