PSG Donors - Payment Method: How to edit or delete a donor's payment method

How to edit or delete a donor's payment method

  1. From the Dashboard, go to the Donors tab.
  2. Locate the donor record and select the Action button. Then, select the option for Payment Profiles.

  3. Select the payment method you wish to edit.
    • To delete the payment method select the option to Remove card or Remove bank account
      • Note: if you delete a payment method, you may still see it until you log out of your account and log back in.
    • to edit the payment method select the option to Edit card or Edit bank account and make the required changes
  1. You may now select Close.  
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  • Again this solutiondoes not address HOW A PARISHIONER and NOT how an OLG manager can make changes!

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  • Art, thank you for the feedback! We are updating our titles to make the intended target audience more obvious to hopefully avoid confusion. Most of our articles are written for our customers, ie. the OLG manager. However, there may be a few articles that would help a parishioner directly.

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  • it states I am unable to delete the card as it is recurring

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  • Ruth, Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you called support about this as that is the best way to resolve an issue like this. It looks like Michael was able to help you remove the card.

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