DFS Family Directory - Reports: 3078 Macros single step error

How to correct a 3078 Macros single step error

1. Make sure that there is a valid copy of MS Access 32-bit on the computer.

2. Go to the About tab and then select "Parishsoft system info..." followed by "Set Application Paths".

3. Click on the "change" button for: Reports, EOY, and Tuition.

4. Then open the reports and if you get an error to "stop all macros", you'll have to select the option to "stop all macros".

5. From the top left-side corner go to the File tab.

6. Select "Access Options", then "Trust Center" then "Trust Center Settings" and finally "Macro settings" and select the bottom option to "Enable All...".

7. Close the reports and then re-open them.



1.Click on About in the top righthand corner in any module

2.Click ParishSOFT System Info button

3.Click Set Application Paths:



4.Click first 3 Change buttons (next to Reports, EOY, and Tuition Reports Paths):



5.When the message comes up to set it to the default path C/Users/Public/ParishSOFT Data, click YES.

You should now be able to open reports without errors.

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