CNA L&P - Primary/Subsidiary Bank Accounts: How to Add a New Subsidiary

How to add a Subsidiary bank account

  1. If you don't already have the Primary Bank Account in your general ledger, you must add the Account Code and mark it as a bank account.
  2. Activate the Primary/Subsidiary option: If you do not have this option, it is a matter of login permissions. See image
  3. Add a general ledger account (marked as a bank account) to be used as a subsidiary account. See image
  4. If you operate under a Cash Basis Accounting System, existing Bills must be handled in one of two ways:
    • Pay all bills before the next step, Assigning the Subsidiary to a Primary Account
    • or, Edit the bills so they are assigned to the correct Subsidiary bank account
  5. Assign the Subsidiary account to a Primary account; see image

Additional Steps:

  • Set Up the Check Layout and Print a Test Check
  • When pertinent, make a Journal Entry to transfer the balance of the old Subsidiary account to the new Subsidiary
  • Optional-Setup Users default accounts; see image
  • Optional-Update General Ledger accounts for the default Subsidiary bank account; see image


Turn the Primary/Subsidiary option on


Create account and mark it as a bank account


Assign the Subsidiary account a Primary account


Open Bills in the system must be paid, or assigned a subsidiary bank account:



Setup User Preferences for a default Subsidiary account:



Assign a Subsidiary Bank Default for general ledger accounts




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