PSFS Offering - Batches: How to edit batch details such as the Cash Total

How to edit batch details such as the Cash Total 


The details of a batch (name, total, and fund) can be changed if the batch is Open, Committed, or Quick Entry, and you have the Access Rights to make changes in the Offering Module.

  1. Go to Offering → Batches; click the Edit Batch icon next to the Batch you wish to change.
  1. Click the "Edit" button.

  1. Make the desired changes and give a reason* for auditing at the bottom of the window.  Then click "Save". You may change any field that is not grayed out including the Cash Total.
  1. Click "Close" and you're done. Warning: Do not select the Close Batch button on the left. While the Close button on the right closes the edit for this header information, it leaves the Batch open. Do not close the batch until you are ready to do so.


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