OLG Administration - Bank Account: How to change bank account number

The bank account information is changed through Paya (the new name for Sage)  

How do I change my bank account number on file?

Below is a list of information that we require to complete the changes to your account.

  • All forms should be signed by the listed Signatory(s) on the merchant account.
  • Please make sure all fields on the form are completed.
  • Please be sure to include additional documents as requested (i.e. voided checks and bank letters) The form states you must included a PRE-PRINTED voided check (starter checks and temporary checks will not be accepted). If you do not have your checks, you may also send a bank issued letter. The requirements for the letter are that it has to be on the bank’s letterhead, must have the representatives name, phone number and signature. The letter simply needs to state the new bank account number, R/T# and the name the account is under.
  • Please allow 3-7 business day for changes to be made to the account.

pdf Bank Change Request pdf

Signed forms can be faxed to (703) 991-5374, or scanned and attached within a ticket request. How do I attach a form to a ticket?

Submit a change request ticket with Paya (you must be signed in to submit a ticket)

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