Logos - System: How to backup and restore the Logos login (security) files

How to backup and restore the Logos login (security) files  

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

If you changed the server or computer where Logos was installed, and you no longer have your usual login accounts, you may want to backup the Logos Security Files from the old system and restore them to the new.

  1. To backup the security files, click the System & Users tab, and select Backup. Mark the Security Files option
  2. Select Next, Next, and Process.
  3. It will be saved in Logoswin/backup/Logos/data You may go to this file and drag it into your flash drive.
  4. To Restore the Security files, place the flash drive in the USB port of the new system and in Logos, select System & Users.
  5. Select Restore, mark Security Files and click Next. 
  6. Use the Browse button to browse for the Flash Drive. Select the backed up security file and click OK.
  7. Select Next then Process.
  8. Log out and back in, using the credentials you used on the old system.


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