PSA L&P - Checks: How to correct a hand-written check that was written with an error

How to correct a check that was hand-written with an error

If you wrote a check by hand and later found the hand-written check had been written for the wrong amount; the following steps are recommended:

The data in ParishSOFT Accounting must reflect what happened in real life. If the check was hand-written for the wrong amount, ParishSOFT Accounting must also show a check written for the wrong amount.

For example, A bill was received from Company XYZ for $100.00. When the hand-written check #20100 was made out, it was accidentally made out for $80.00. However, when the hand-written check was recorded in ConnectNow Accounting, it was recorded for $100.00. When the $80.00 check #20100 was cashed and came through on the Bank Statement, it did not match the $100.00 recorded in ParishSOFT Accounting for check #20100.

When a check was recorded with incorrect information:

  1. First, pull up the check and see if you have a delete button at the bottom of the screen. If you do, you may simply:
    • delete the check
    • update the bill information
    • assign the same check number to the bill
  2. Void the check which was recorded in ParishSOFT Accounting, making a copy of the original bill.
  3. Edit the new bill (the copy of the original) and change the amount to the amount on the hand-written check.
  4. You may use the same check number as the original as long as you add a letter to the end of it.
  5. Reconcile the check.

If the hand-written check was not made out for the full amount of the bill received from the vendor, make sure to pay the vendor the balance with an additional check.


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