DFS Administration - Backups: Setting up the Automatic Backups

How to set up the automatic backups process

  1. Make sure you are at the main computer (if you have Sync, then that would be the synchronizing computer).
  2. From any module, Select the "About" tab.
  3. Select the "Parishsoft System Info..."
  4. Make sure that this computer has the setting selected for this computer to be the master computer.
  5. Select "Perform Backup" option.
  6. In the backup Scheduler make sure that these 5 items are in place:
    A. There is a day of the week checked to do backups (we recommend checking the check-box for each day that the ParishSOFT modules are in use).
    B. There is a time of day selected for each day of the week with a check-box.
    --The time selections are in military/24-hour time.
    --At the time the backup is supposed to go through, make sure that the computer is running or is in a lock-screen (not sleep mode or turned off).
    C. There is a valid file pathway selected for each day of the week checked.
    --Make sure the folders exist, it can create the final folder automatically, but if the backup folder or any before that do not exist, then it will not make backups.
    D. Make sure the check-box for FTP is checked if you want a copy of your latest backup sent to ParishSOFT for safety (there is no charge for this).
    E. Make sure the Enable Auto-Run Backup on 'Master Computer' is checked.
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