PSA L&P - Checks: Why does nothing happen when I click the Print Selected button?

Why does nothing happen when I click the Print Selected button?

On the Print Checks window of the check printing process (the 3rd step) if you click Print Selected and nothing happens at all, it just comes back to this same window, is it most likely that you have a check number with an invalid character.

You will need to find the check with the invalid character in it (usually the last check you printed).

The easiest way to do this is to click on Process then Change Check Number.  Select the bank account you are trying to print from and then review your check numbers.

If you don't have access to Change Check Numbers you can print a check register or use Find Check from the Checks main screen.

As a special character will prevent you from printing any checks the invalid character will be on your last check run and Probably the last check you printed.

You will look for . or / or # or other similar characters.  Some characters are valid such as - or \ but to be safe, we recommend you don't use any special characters in your check numbers.  Stick with numbers and alpha characters only.

Once you find the problem you can change the number under Change Check Number or you can call your Diocese to remove the special character if you don't have access to this function.


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