LII People - Mail Manager: Update did not apply

How to update Mail Manager when the update did not apply

Before following these instructions, log out of Logos II

Follow these instructions on your server as well as on every workstation if applicable.

  1. Click on this link
  2. (after reading the instructions below)
  3. You will be prompted to log in to get the download. Your customer number #### is both the Username and Password. (No alpha characters)
  4. After you log in, a download will begin. In some cases, you must tell the browser to open when done.
  5. Once the download is 'opened,' follow the screen prompts to complete the download.
  6. you may be prompted to restart your computer.
  7. Log back into Logos and your Mail Manager should now be up to date. If it is not, there is likely a firewall or anti-virus software which is blocking the update.


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