CNFS IQ- Query Builder: All Families Except Those in Family Workgroup


You need to make a list of all families outside of a Family Workgroup.

1. First, from the IQ module, add the Result Columns (such as family contact info) needed, but include "Families: Family DUID" in the Result Columns AND the Query Conditions.

2. Add your registration condition if you want registered families only.

3. Click "[Edit in sub-query]" in condition: "Families: Family DUID" and your sub-query will open.

4. In the sub-query, add "Families: Workflow Group Membership: GroupName" then "is equal to."

5. type the name of the Workgroup you need to exclude. Click OK.

Now click "Execute Query." This will be all the registered families NOT in that workgroup.




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