CNFS Offering - Statements: EOY Contribution Statements for Members within Families

To create individual EOY statement for members who have their own envelope numbers within families, you can follow these general steps: CNFS Offering - Statements: How to Create Contribution Statements


And then make sure that you do this: 

First you'll run the report to create the contribution statements for the family as a whole and you will not include the member contributions. Then you will run the report to create the contribution statements for those members within families who have given individually. 


1. The first time you run the report select any options that you would like for the report and then when you get to Contribution Source, select Family and do not check the box to "Include Member Contributions in Family Statements:"



2. Then finish the reports as normal and either print or email them. 

3. Now you'll run the report a second time. Select all the options you would like again, and then once you get to Contribution Source, select Member. If you want only statements for members who give individually and you don't want to include ever member who doesn't give, select "Show Filtered Givers" under Givers and put in a minimum of $0.01:



4. Then run the report as normal. 


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