PSA L&P - Primary/Subsidiary: How to change to a new primary account

How to change to a new primary account

There are two options:

  1. Create a new Primary and assign it new Subsidiary account(s). The old Subsidiary accounts cannot be re-used under the new Primary.
  2. Rename the Primary account (ParishSoft would have to do this for you); the old subsidiary accounts can stay under this renamed account.

Note: Adding a new Primary and reassigning the current Subsidiary accounts is not an option

Current Setup

Old Primary
Sub A Sub B


Option 1

Setup new primary and subsidiary (must edit GL Accounts and Default Bank Accounts)

Old Primary     New Primary
Sub A Sub B     Sub C Sub D

These changes can be made through the software

Note: Reassigning a subsidiary from one Primary to another is not possible


  • The general ledger balance in the old subsidiary will have to be transferred to the new subsidiary via a journal entry.
  • If you have assigned default bank accounts to general ledger accounts, you will have to update that information.

Option 2

Rename the Primary Account

Old Primary     Rename Old to New
Sub A Sub B     Sub A Sub B


ParishSOFT Data Specialists would have to change the name of the Primary Bank Account as this cannot be done through the software.


  • Historical data will reflect the new Primary Account Name
  • Since this would not be done through the software, the activity (changing the name) will not be reflected in the Audit Trail.
  • The new checks for the new physical bank account must be a different check sequence than those for the old bank account.


 Reassigning a subsidiary from one Primary to another is not possible


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