CNFS Offering - Funds: Deleting a Fund

How to Delete a Fund

  • Make sure there are no contributions in the duplicate fund.
    • If there are, determine if they are in closed batches or not.
      • If they are in closed batches, then you cannot remove the fund, but you can remove the fund permissions to the fund so nobody can see information connected to that fund or post to it again.
      • If the contributions are not in closed batches then follow these steps:
        • To remove the duplicate fund you will want to add -D to the end of the fund's name. 
        • Then go to to the Contribution List and filtered the tab between Amount and Batch (Fund) on the name of that duplicate fund. 
        • Chang the start date and end date to include all contributions that were ever posted to that fund and select "View Contributions". 
        • Changed the "10 records" display above posting date to be a larger number, like 100. 
        • Use the check-box next to the Posting Date to select all of those top 100 contributions and chose the pencil icon to edit the contributions and change their batch.
          • You will want to un-checked all of the other check-boxes for the fields you do not want to change.
          • Then assign a reason at the bottom. 
  • Once there are no contributions in the duplicate fund, you can go back to the Funds tab in Offerings and chose the Red Circle with a line through it to delete the duplicate fund.
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