PSG Gear Button - Managers: How to create/delete a Manager account

How to create a Manager account

If you need to delete a Manager, click this link to go to the section on How to delete a Manager account.

To create a Manager account, from your Dashboard:

  1. Select the Settings menu in the top right corner. (The gear icon)
  2. Select Managers from the available options.
  3. Select the + Add Manager button in the top left corner.Add_Manager.png
  4. Fill out as much information as you'd like to, but you must at least add the following:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Password *Note: Every manager needs a unique email address to prevent login issues and to aide password resets.
    • Some Permissions
  5. Click Save when done.


How to delete a Manager account

  1. Select the Settings menu in the top right corner, then select Managers option.
  2. Select the Action drop-down and choose Delete.Delete.png
  3. An alert will come up that asks if you would like to delete the select manager. Click Yes.
  4. Select Yes.
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