Logos Training Videos: How can I start training a new employee on Logos?

How can I start training a new employee on Logos?

Below, please find links to the online video training classes for our Logos software. We recommend viewing our videos in high definition. If you are not getting a good quality video experience even when using high definition, try a different browser. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer for these videos.


In some cases, the following links required you to log into our Client-Portal site to access the material. Use your customer number as both the username and password to log in.


Full Training Videos

Membership Training: Logos II

Accounting Training


Shorter Task Specific Videos


Logos II

Facility Scheduler


Accessing the Logos Help Files

Accounting Help Files

Logos II Help Files

Facility Scheduler Help Files


End of Year Processes in Logos

End of Year Web Site


Access to Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets


Access to our Online Help Files

Logos Products Online Help Files

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