OLG Administration - Donation: How to stop a donor's gift from processing

How to stop a donor's gift (transaction) from processing

Quick Gifts- Being the contribution was a quick gift, the transaction has already processed.

The church will want to cut the donor a check for the amount of the gift once it has gone through.  If that is not an option, then the Parishioner will need to contact their credit card company/bank and tell them not to approve the transaction. This is a last resort as it will most likely result in fees for the parishioner and the church.

Recurring GiftsWe have 2 options that could address this problem:

A. If you create a Managed Giver account And let us know the exact name on the account is, we can merge the Independent account (once we have the account's email address) with that Managed Giver account.



B. We can completely delete the account from Online Giving (this will remove Online Giving's memory of all of their prior donations, their payment method, and the ability for gifts to go through on their behalf [unless a different account is made for them]).


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