Go-Global - Restore Data from Local Application to Hosted

Restore Data from Local Application to Hosted Application

When you are Hosted, you must use Two Logins to access your system. Using the credentials provided to you, log into the Go-Global client and then into Logos using the Master credentials initially, then the credentials you create after that. These instructions assume you have made a backup of the data from you local instance of Logos and are now going to restore it to your Hosted application.

Once you are logged into Logos, click the System & Users Tab, then the Restore icon.

Keep the default options marked and click Next.

Browse for the backup you made from your local software application and which is located on your local drive. Although you call your local drive C, Go-Global has its own C drive and must therefore call your local drive by a different letter. When working in Go-Global, your local drive is called M.


Once the backup has been selected from your Local Drive, click OK, Next, and Process. Your data will now be restored to the Hosted version of Logos. Do not use the local system again or you will risk losing your work.



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