Legacy Offering - Reports: How to post contributions to the prior year

How to post contributions to the prior year 

The posting date determines if a contribution will be on a statement. Below, please find how to update the posting date for a Detailed Entry Posting (for open batches) or for a Quick Entry Posting. Please note the following criteria must also be met for the contributions to populate the statement. Note: If you have already created the batch and the postings, you may want to batch-edit the contributions in the open or committed batch to change the date.

  • Contributions made to deductible funds will show up on a contribution statement as long as the following criteria are met. Those that are made to non-deductible funds will not be on the statement.
  • Contributions made to deductible funds that fall into the filter criteria specified when creating the statement will be included on a contribution statement as long as the criteria listed below are met. This criterion includes the posting date.
  • Committed Quick-Entry postings that meet the above criteria will be included in the statement.
  • All postings in a detailed batch that meet the above criteria will be included regardless of the batch status.

If you are running EOY statements and still need to post contributions for the prior year, do so by changing the posting date before adding the contribution as shown in the following screenshot for a detailed posting or the next screenshots when using Quick Entry Posting. 


In Detailed Entry Posting: 


In Quick Entry Posting there are 2 places: 

  1. You can either change it for all the following contributions that you enter upon changing:
  2. Or you can change it for one specific contribution:

Note: you may find the following article helpful for editing/updating the batch date opened to a prior year:   How to edit a 'date opened' for open or committed batches

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