CMS Fund Accounting - How to Delete a Check?

PROBLEM:  I accidentally paid a bill that wasn't supposed to be paid.  How can I remove the Check?

SOLUTION:  If the check was issued in your current or future fiscal month, click Entry | Checks - View, Void, Delete and click Find by Check Number and find that check.

Click the Delete button at the top of the display to delete the check. 

  Click Yes when asked if you want to delete the check.

The system will reset the original bill as un-paid, make a note of that bill number.  Click Close.

Click Enter Bills and find the bill number that was associated with the check and delete the bill if you don't wish to pay it.  If you wish to pay it in the future you don't need to do this step, instead pay it as normal when you are ready.

If the check was issued in a prior fiscal month you will not be able to delete the check.  Call support for assistance.

NOTE - Support for CMS Fund Accounting was discontinued at the end of 2016 and there may be a charge for assistance with this issue.

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