LA GL - Accounts: Add a new account

How to add a new account to your chart of accounts

Determine the Account Type: A=Asset, L=Liability,  I=Income, E=Expense, F=Unrestricted Fund, LT=Temporary Restricted, LF=Permanently Restricted

Determine the Fund: Often the last two digits of your Account number and used for Logos Fund Accounting

Determine the rest of the Account Number: This is a personal decision made between the church and the Finance Committee or the church Accountant.


In the General Ledger Module, select the Chart of Accounts.

To add a new Account to your Chart, click the New option.

Fill in the number, Description, and Type.

Often, you will mark the GL Summary option.

GL Summary � The Trial Balance Detail reports have an option to print Summary Only for accounts that have been flagged for this. Use this for accounts (Checking, AP, etc.) that have a large number of transactions and for which you may sometimes want to print only summary totals, while other accounts with fewer transactions print detail.




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