DFS Family Directory - Reports: How to report the total number of active members and families

How to report the total number of active members and families

To get the total number of registered active families open the family directory and set the filters to registered and active. There will be a number in the bottom right hand corner, that is your answer


To get the total number of members open reports and go to Census Menu and then Member Filtering and Sorting and set the Family to registered and Member status to active. Then select "Show Results." In the bottom left of the window that opens there will be a number showing the total

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  • I need to be able to print a report with each parish in my diocese that has total Active families. Need to be able to go into IQ and create a report that will allow me to list a parish and provide a report: Parish Name, Count of Registered FAMILIES, Count of ACTIVE FAMILIES. Right now it only provides member count. Not family count per parish

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  • Thank you for adding this suggestion. I see you also entered a ticket with our support team and that Nick is giving you a way forward in IQ to get what you are looking for.

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