LII Contributions - Batch: Can I edit a posted batch

Can I edit a posted Batch in Logos II?

Reminder - Logos Sunset Date: 03/29/2019

Once a batch has been posted, you may not edit the batch. However, you may do one of the following:

Void Contributions, Void Contributions: The first option in the Void Contributions Routine allows you to void one or many contribution(s) for an individual, one person at a time.

Void Contributions, Change Fund: You may go into one person's contribution record and change the fund of any or all transactions from the original to a new fund. You may make any number of changes for that person's record in the one instance of the Void Contributions, Change Fund process. You may only do this for one person at a time.

Void Contributions, Void Batch: Void the whole batch using the restore option will void the posted batch and put a copy of it in the Enter Contributions routine as an unposted batch. Void the whole batch not using the restore option will simply void the whole batch.


If your Logos II software is linked to Logos Accounting, the Batch Void, the Void Contributions, or the Change Fund will create reversing entries in Accounting. For the void batch routine, when you post the restored batch, it will create a new entry in Accounting which shows the money in the bank attributing it to the Income account which corresponds with the fund. For the change fund routine, a new entry will be made in accounting to the correct fund. Note the date you enter for the  prompt, Post Voided data, Update GL will affect your accounting data.

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