LII Contributions - Batch: Batch will not post and gives error report

Contribution Batch will not post and gives an error report

For a Logos Batch to post:

Each transaction in the batch must be dated the same year.

All of the transactions must be  dated in the same year as the current active date.



How to ensure all of the transactions are dated in the same year

Logos makes it very hard for you to have two years in one batch. To ensure all of the items in a batch are dated the same year:

  1. Pull up the Enter Contributions Screen
  2. Highlight the batch
  3. Click the magnifying glass in the upper right side of the grid

Compare the Date Created  at the top to the transaction dates. Also, scan through all the transaction dates to ensure the years all match.

If the dates are correct, Set your Active Date to a date in the year that matches the Batch Creation and Transaction dates and post the batch. 

If some of the transactions belong in a different year, choose the year with the least number of transactions and delete those from this batch and then re-enter them under the correct year by using the Set Active Date option.

If the batch creation date is not correct, you may use the Edit Batch Information feature at the top of the screen and update the Batch Creation Date. This must be done before the transaction dates may be changed. 

If all or some of the transactions are listed in the wrong year, you may change the date of these transactions using the Change Date option at the bottom of the screen.


How to ensure all transaction dates in the Batch are in the current Active Date year

If you are getting an error report when trying to post a batch, read the error just below the transactions as shown below.

If you are getting this error message, you most likely have a batch that was created in the prior calendar year, and you are now trying to post it. You simply must Set your Active Date to the Prior Year and Post. Remember to set the date back once you have completed posting.

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