PSFS Offering - Reports: How to create a batch detail report

How to create a batch detail report

There are several ways to create a batch detail report depending on the type of batch.

Detail Entry Batches (and Committed Quick Entry Batches)

You can create a Batch Detail Report from either Batch Management or the Reports section of the Offering Module.

From Batches:

1.) Check the box next to the Batch you wish to view.

2.) Go to "Quick Reports" and select "Batch Detail Report"

From Reports:

1.) Go to Category "Batches".

2.) Select Report "Detail".

3.) Click the circle next to the batch you would like the report for.

4.) Check or uncheck the option to include $0 donations.

5.) Click "View Report"


Quick Entry Batches (Not-Committed)


From Quick Entry Posting:

1.)  Choose the batch you want to run the report for.

2.) Click "Quick Reports".

3.) Click "View Quick Entry Batch Report".


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