CNA Payroll - W-2: Non-Taxable Housing on the W-2

How to get the Housing pay item to display in box 14 of the W-2

Non-Taxable Pay Item types may report in Box 14 of the W-2.

In Payroll, go to Forms > W-2 Setup.  Check the box at "Print in W-2 Box 14" for those Non-Taxable pay item types you want to report in Box 14 (e.g. Housing Allowance). 

Enter the three digit code you want to print in Box 14 in W-2 Box 14 Code (e.g. HOU).

You may need to go to Forms > Edit Employees W-2 Information and click Reprocess for the item to display.  

Note: If you leave the W-2 Box 14 Code field blank the amount will not display even if the box is checked.  

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