LII People - Flagged: How to see which records are flagged

How to see which records are flagged

Although it seems counter-intuitive, you must go into the Delete Flagged routine to see a list of all flagged people. Don't worry, the routine makes you go through several steps before it actually allows you to delete the flagged people.

First, it prompts you to backup your data. This is a safety net in case you do delete them erroneously and need to restore the data to get them back.

Next, it requires that you print a list of flagged people. Here you have a choice of sending to PDF, printing it to the screen, or just sending it to your printer. To get to the screen where you can print the Flagged records, see the image below. 

After printing the flagged people, you would still need to actively follow additional prompts to actually delete the flagged records.

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