LII Contributions - Batches: GL income account[000-00-000] is not defined in fiscal year

Error: GL Income Account[000-00-000] is not defined in Fiscal Year

When your Logos II program is tied to your Logos Accounting program, it must have certain fields set up correctly so transactions can be created in the General Ledger. The error listed in the screen print below indicates these fields have not been set up correctly. Click Here to learn how to tell if Logos II is tied to Logos Accounting.

The report may be used to look up each fund in Manage Funds. Pull up each fund and ensure each one has the correct GL Chart of Accounts Number listed for each the Income and the Bank Account.

If the account number is not in each field, enter it. You may need to consult with the Accounting Administrator to find out the correct account number to enter. Note: the Checking Account number is the Chart of Accounts number for the Bank Account where the Income Account number is the number that shows to which fund the monies would be appropriated. Then click the Save button in the top left corner.



How to tell if Logos II is Linked with Logos Accounting

There are two ways to tie the programs together. In one way, the transactions are automatically saved to a file for the Accounting Administrator to import. The second way automatically updates Logos Accounting when a Logos II Contributions Batch is posted. In both instance, the following field must be marked in Logos II, File, Preferences, Contributions.


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