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Which Logos report should I run ...

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The report which gives the most information in Logos II is not a report at all. Instead it is the Export People Data routine which creates a CSV file with 74 columns of data fields. Once you create this file, you may use excel to create a report with any data you want to use.

From the Report Selection Criteria screen, choose Advanced export options and Individual Merge 1 per person. This will give you everyone in your data base. Obviously, if you only want the Family Information, you may choose the Family merge.

Make sure you choose the CSV format, listed as Delimited with comma, when you export this file. You may browse when saving the file so it can easily be found. The default location is C:\Logoswin\Logos\Export

Some fields exported in this file are:

Member Number, Envelope, Name, Address, Relationship to Church, phone numbers, internet addresses, marital status, gender, anniversary date, birth date, date first attended, grade, baptism date, etc.

Other Reports

Other reports will give you less information. Which information will depend on the module you are in when selecting the report among other things. If one of these reports gives you almost all of the information you want, but there are one or two missing fields, you may use the Self-Supporting Free Tool provided by Logos called Logos User Reports to add a field.

The Selected List Reports

There are three options under the Selected List Reports and each gives additional information from the one before. There are also additional options to change the report format, omit certain fields and combine husband and wife records.

The 1 line report is a basic phone list.

The 2 line report adds Address information.

The 3 line report adds more information

The Donor Master List

The Donor Master List is the other list which will give information such as Member ID and Address. The address only gives the street address, however, and not the City, State, Zip information.

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