CNA L&P - Bills: Transaction date is beyond the number of months warning

Transaction Date Warning.  Do not ignore.


When entering transactions you may occasionally see the message below (replace invoice with other transaction types when applicable).

It is best to not just blindly click ok to this as you may have actually entered an incorrect date.  This is especially true at the end of the year.

This message appears when you are entering a date for the future (the number of months can be edited under the Church Manager Tab by selecting Options.

When entering your dates please follow the below guidelines when using the Calendar for date selection.

If the date is in a previous month (to the actual calendar month as it appears by default) click the Previous button until you arrive at the correct month the transaction is for.

If you use the drop down for Month it does not change the Year.  Example.  It is now January but you are still working in December.  If you click <Prev then both the Month and Year change, but if you click the drop-down for January and you select December and then select a date the Year stays the same and you end up with a date in December of the current year not December of last year as you intended.  You will then get the message above that the Date is beyond the specified number of months and if you just say ok you will now have a transaction a full year in the future.

This is especially true if you use the Accrual method of accounting.  If you use a December date on the Bill for one year then pay it with a check from December of the following year your AP balance will be off for the whole year if you void the check as you have to void it in the month of the check date.  It is best, in this case, to delete the check and then pay the bill again with the correct date.  If your higher organization has disabled the ability to delete checks, do NOT void the check.  Instead, contact that higher organization and ask them to delete the check for you.

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