PSFS Tuition - How to Create a Fund Activity Report

The Fund Activity report gives you status on selected funds within your choice of date range, enabling you to see by fund total invoiced amounts, paid amounts, and current balances.

  1. Click Reports to display the Reports page.

  2. From the Report menu, select Fund Activity.

 You must have an active assignment in the selected organization and at a minimum, View + Print permissions for ParishSOFT Tuition to create a Fund Activity report.

The setup for this report is displayed in the right panel:

  1. To set up the report, complete the following: 

 To remove a filter, select it and then press the Delete key on your keyboard

On the Filters tab, specify the date range for payments by doing one of the following:

  • To view fund activity within date range, click the calendar buttons in the start and end date fields and select a date from each calendar. Alternatively, type a date in each date field.

  • To view fund activity starting on a specific date with no end date, click in the start date field and select a date from the calendar. Alternatively, type a date in this field. Leave the end date field as is.

  • To view fund activity ending on a specific date with no start date, click in the end date field and select a date from the calendar. Alternatively, type a date in the field. Leave the start date field as is.

The system will generate a list of funds that have payment activity within the selected time frame.

  1. Click the Next link or select the Funds tab. Then, do one of the following:

  • Select the View report for all funds option.

  • Select the View report for selected funds option. Then, select the desired funds in the grid.

  • Click View Report.

The report opens in the Report Viewer where you can view, save, and print the report. 

To view an example of the Fund Activity report, click this link: Example of a Fund Activity Report.

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