PSFSr Administration - Manage Staff: How to add a new staff record to your organization

How to add a new staff record to your organization

To add a new staff member and assign permissions you must have Organization Administrator privileges assigned to your login credentials.  Note: if you do not have current permission to add staff or to assign permissions, you must contact the current account administrator (most often at the church but in some cases at the diocese). They will need to update your credentials to give you this permission. If you do not know who to contact, ParishSOFT Support can give you the names of the staff that are set up with assign permission credentials.
  1. Select Administration from the Navigation Bar then click the Manage Staff tab.
  2. Click the Add Staff button from the toolbar and search for the name you plan to add (required).
  3. If you do not find a match (make sure the email address matches as well as the name), click the Add New Staff button. If there is a match, click the button that says Accept Selected Member.
  4. If you are adding new staff, the staff details page will display for you to fill in. If not, skip to step 6.
    • Fill in all of the known information and especially any field that has a red asterisk (required).
    • Once you have filled in the form, click Save & Edit at the bottom.
  5. The page will now show three tabs at the top.
    • On the Assignments tab, fill in the username and email address for the new staff member.
    • You may skip this step if you simply accepted an existing record because this should already be here.   
    • Click Save.
  6. Click the Positions tab.
    • The default position is unknown. This will be considered the primary position until you change it. You must follow the steps as written to easily update the position.
      1. Choose a position and click save.
      2. Click the 'unknown' position and drag it to the bottom (of the two).
      3. Click save (important).
      4. Unmark unknown and save.
      5. Now you are ready to assign access rights to the new staff member.
      6. Once the record is saved and closed, the staff member should get an email with the web address to the site, their username, and a temporary password. In case they don't receive that you can proactively do the following:
        • Give them their username and have them click the forgot password option on the login page. This will require them to enter their username and it will send the information to the email address you used in their staff record.
        • Or, you can click the Reset Password button on the Assignments page to have the email sent to the staff. Note, for the reset to work you must click the Edit Details button at the bottom of the page first.


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