PSFSr Administration - Merge: How to merge duplicate member records

How to merge duplicate member records

The following caveats must be in place to use this feature:
  • This article is specifically written to show how to merge duplicate member records. See the following article to learn how to merge duplicate family records.
  • First, if you are under a diocese that uses the ParishSOFT diocesan suite, the diocese must turn this feature on for your church. Otherwise, that permission is turned off by default.
  • In addition to that permission, each church administrator must give this permission to the staff responsible for merging duplicate records.
  • Also, both member records must be owned (registered) to the parish or the diocese will need to process the merge.
  • Note: if both member records have a giving history, merging will not lose any giving history from either record.
  • One example of when this feature might be used is if a couple marries and a new member record is created for a spouse but they already had an existing record in their original family record. When this is discovered, the original member record may be merged into the new member record.


  1. Prep: Gather the member information and identify the duplicates.
    • Note the member DUIDs and identify which one is going to be the master (permanent) member DUID
  2. Go to the Merge Records page under the Administration Tab (top image) and using merge type Members, enter the Member DUIDs from #1. See image under #3.
    • If there is another duplicate member record to merge, merge the second duplicate at the same time. Just enter the second duplicate member DUID in the Additional Duplicate Member DUID field:
  3. Verify that the member records are correct and click Submit to Queue.
  4. Click OK when you receive the following message.
  5. Go to MergeMerge Queue → Member to see the pending merge records.
  6. These records will be merged overnight.

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