PSFSr MOC - Church Members: How to Navigate My Own Church

How to Navigate My Own Church

Note: In order to access your information in My Own Church, you must first create a My Own Church account.

  1. Log in to ParishSOFT Family Suite.

Pro Tip: In the upper right of the My Own Church page, you will see some buttons. 
supportbutton.png The question mark button will take you to an online user guide.
phonebutton.png The phone button will take you to a support page where you may choose from various support categories and options.

  1. Click the My Family Quick Link - or -
  2. Choose from the categories listed on the Navigation Bar on the left side of the page.
    • The options available on the Navigation Bar strictly depend upon which Family Suite applications your church has.
  3. Once you click an option from the Navigation Bar, the page will update for that category and there will be a tab(s) at the top left. Select your tab of interest.
    • My Family → Family Detail
    • My Education → Online Registration
    • My Offering → Giving History
    • My Ministry → Schedules | Minister Preferences | Family Ministries | Ministry Opportunities
  4. What you can do depends on the category/tab you selected:
    • Family Detail: allows you to edit family and member detail records.
    • Online Registration: this allows you to register for a class
    • Giving History: review your giving and download your electronic statement. Note: the electronic statements must be generated by your church administrator before they are accessible. This is to help ensure you get a full statement at the end of the year. Only when the church administrator is done adding all of the offering records will they make electric statements available.
    • My Ministry: each tab offers different options; Ministry Opportunities allows you to sign up as a volunteer when you click the Volunteer button and then mark the checkbox for the Ministry/Event.

  1. To update your family and member records click Family Detail.  This will open your family record.
  2. Click the Member Details tab at the top to go to the page where you may make changes to each member.
    1. Click Edit Details to enable updating information.
    2. Update the information.
    3. Click Save to save changes but to stay on the page.
    4. Click Save & Close to go back to the My Own Church page after saving.

  1. To edit Member Details select the Member Name you want to update.
    • Click Edit Details at the bottom.
    • Make the Updates.
    • Select the tab toward the bottom of the page to update information on each category listed.


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