PSFSr Family Directory - Communications: How to create custom mailing labels using mail merge

How to create custom mailing labels using mail merge

This process uses a combination of a CSV file of families or members together with the mail merge function to create custom labels. To jump to step-by-step written instructions, click here.



How to create custom mailing labels

  1. Prep: Filter the family list or member list for those records for which you want to create labels.
    • How to filter your family or member list using fuzzy search and/or Rolodex
    • How to filter your family or member list using the search button and advanced search
  2. Prep: Export the records to a CSV file.
  3. Open a new document in Microsoft Word and begin the mail merge process:
    • Click the Mailings tab (top)
    • Click Start Mail Merge caret and choose Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard.
  4. In the Mail Merge Wizard:
    • Mail Merge Wizard opens on the right.
    • Note: You can expand the width of the Mail Merge Wizard panel by hovering over the left panel boundary and when you get the double arrow, click and move the panel line to the left.
    • Step 1: Choose the radio button next to Labels. Under Step 1 of 6, click Next: Starting document.
  5. Step 2: In the right-side panel under Change document layout, click Label Options.
    • Change the vendor and size to the labels you want to use.
    • Click OK.
    • Click Next.
  6. Step 3: Under Select Recipients:
    • Choose Use an Existing List.
    • Click Browse.
    • Find and select your exported CSV file then click OK through the prompts.
    • Click Next.
  7. Step 4: At this point, you can continue to use the wizard and follow the 'Arrange your Labels' prompts and add new fields or you can exit from the wizard and select Insert Merge Field under the Mailings tab shown in #10 below.
    • Select as many fields as you want on your labels (but no more than will fit).
    • Select Update Labels and then Preview Results.
  8. If you need to, you can edit the results by:
    • selecting the little select all button in the top left of the document
    • selecting the font size and style
    • and anything else about the labels you'd like to change
  9. Select File → Print
  10. If you'd like to use this label format as a template in the future, save this word file. The next time you want to create these same custom labels with a new CSV file from the same source (member list for example):
    • Open this file that you saved.
    • Click the Mailings tab.
    • Click Select Recipients → Use an existing list (and select the new list).
    • Click Finish and Merge.



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