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How to generate a sacramental certificate

To jump to the written step-by-step instructions click here. Certificates are created through the use of mail merge templates and member data.





How to generate a sacramental certificate

  1. Select Family Directory from the Navigation Bar.
  2. Select the Sacraments tab and choose Add/Edit Sacrament.
  3. Use the filters to narrow down the number of records that display then click Search.
    • If you are printing one certificate for a member, enter the name information.
    • If you are printing certificates for a group of people whose sacrament data was entered in a particular time period, use the Completed date range information to filter for those records.
  4. Once you see the record(s) listed, mark the checkbox to the left of the names or if you want to print a certificate for everyone listed, use the checkbox in the column header to select all.
    • If the intended record does not display, you may need to add the sacrament record for this individual. To learn how, click the link for How to create a sacramental record.
  5. Click the Mail Merge button.
  6. Select the template category. If you have modified an existing template to your own preferences, you will find it under My Templates. Other categories have canned templates you may use or modify to your liking. In the example above, the selected category was Global Templates.
  7. Click the Merge to File button, then click OK in the pop-up window.
    • This will create a certificate from the template and the data from the selected records.
    • You will find the certificate(s) in the downloads folder.

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