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How to email volunteers

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How to email volunteers

  1. Select Students & Volunteers from the Navigation Bar.
  2. If necessary, select the term.
  3. Click the Volunteers tab.
  4. Use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down the volunteer list that displays on the page (unless you want to email all volunteers in this term).
  5. Select the volunteers to whom the email will be sent:
    • For all: Click the checkbox in the column header at the far left. This will select all names.
    • For most: Click the checkbox in the column header at the far left, then click the names who should not receive the email.
    • For a few: Click the checkbox to the left of each name who should receive the email.
  6. Click the email button (top/right).
  7. The email page displays.
    • Recipients List
      • The recipients will be listed at the top of the Email page. If you see any names that should not be on the list, you may click the x to the right of the name to remove them.
      • To see a full list of the recipients and if they have an email address, click the Recipients List link.
      • Click the +Recipient or +CC buttons to add any recipient that is not included on the list. Only those members populated in the Family Directory may be added.
    • Under 18 options
      • Include parents: Select the top option to include parents on the recipient's list for those volunteers that are under 18.
      • Exclude minors: Select the bottom option to remove anyone under the age of 18 from the list. If the first option is checked, only the parents of those under 18 will receive the email.
    • Sender: You may edit the sender information by clicking the Next button or on the edit button to the right of Sender. This allows you to update the name of the sender and the email address that replies will go to. 
      Name of Sender: The Volunteer Training Team
      • The Email will be sent from  However, when a Send From email address is populated, replies will go to the 'Reply To' email address.
        • You may want to state this explicitly in your email since the from email address begins with no-reply but when the Reply To email address is populated, any replies will automatically go to that email address.
    • Message: Use this link to compose and send your message.
  8. Click the Next button to step through the email process: The first click will open the Sender pop-up and the second click will open the Message option. You may use this button or simply click on the Sender or Message links.
  9. Add your message.
    • Compose your message using the formatting options provided in the email toolbar.
    • Add attachments using the paperclip button.
    • Use the photo button to add images.
    • Click the pencil button to edit the Recipients and Sender (Reply to) address.
  10. Click the Send Email button. 




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