PSFSr Family Directory - Communications: How to create member mailing labels

How to create member mailing labels

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How to create member mailing labels

  1. Select Family Directory from the Navigation Bar.
  2. Click the Member List tab.
  3. Filter the page according to your needs.
  4. Once you are satisfied the page has the members for which you would like to produce labels...
    • To select specific records from the list, click the checkbox to the left of the member record(s). For labels for everyone on the list, there is no need to make a selection. The default is all.
    • Click the Quick Reports button at the right, and choose Member Mailing Labels from the dropdown.
  5. The report viewer page displays. Here you may...
    • Print the labels
    • Save the file to your hard drive in your preferred format.
    • To change the default label size or font, save the file as RTF and edit the file in  Word.


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