PSFS Religious Ed - Attendance: How to take attendance

How to take attendance

Before you may take attendance for your Religious Education classes, all of the building blocks for this module must be populated. To learn more about this read, How to get started in the Religious Education Module

Attendance will only be available to use for classes with meeting dates or in terms that use sessions.


If you need to mark the class as canceled, see How to cancel a scheduled class

  1. Select Attendance from the options on the Navigation Bar.
    • A list of classes for each meeting date that is in the term selected will display. Change the term selected as needed.  
  2. Use the search box (A), date range filters(B), or the classes (C) at the top to filter for the specific date span and/or the specific class for which you want to take attendance and select Apply
    • If the classes or dates you expect to see are not listed, please click the Reset button and re-enter your filter choices. 
  3. Click the edit button to the right of the class and date for which you would like to record attendance.
  4. Click the Checkmark for present and the X for absent.
    If the majority of the students are present, either:
    • First, mark the few that are absent. Then, click the Mark All button and choose Present for 'Mark all # Remaining'.  You may also do this the opposite way if the majority are absent 
      - or - 
    • Click the Mark All button and choose Present. Then mark the few that are absent.  
  5. Change from Absent to Present and marking Tardy: If you have marked a student absent and they come late, you may mark them present by clicking the checkmark button. You may also click the vcaret to the right of the word Present and change it to tardy (or simply mark the checkmark for present if you don't keep track of tardies.
  6. Change from Absent to Excused: If your student is absent and you keep track of excused/not excused absences, you may click the vcaret  to the right of the word Absent and select Excused (or not).

  7. Change from Present to Online: If your student is present via being a part of an online session, you keep track by selecting the vcaret to the right of the word Present and changing it to online.  
  8. Notes: Add a note for the date and date or student: Notes may be entered for a specific date and class or student.   
    • Class: 
      1. If you need to make a note about the date and class for future reference, you may do so by clicking the + Note at the top of the attendance details page.  
      2. Enter the note details in the box then click the checkmark to save the note details. 
  • Student: 
      1. If you need to make a note about the student for future reference, you may do so by clicking the ellipse (...) to the right of the attendance buttons.  Then, click Add Note.
      2. Enter the note details in the pop-up window and click Save.
      3. Now the ellipse turns into a note icon, and when you hover over the note icon, you can see the details of the note. You also may click the note icon to update and save, or delete the note.

9. Once you have completed recording attendance, click Done at the bottom. You may come back at any time to modify the attendance as necessary.


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