PSA L&P - Reports: How to create vendor mailing labels OR print addresses on envelopes

How to create vendor mailing labels or print addresses on envelopes

  1. Go to Reports → Vendors → Labels and choose the criteria that match your needs. See this article to learn how to configure your report (select the specific vendors).
    • If no vendors are highlighted all vendors will print. If vendors are highlighted only highlighted vendors will print. (A)
    • The vendors can also be limited by selecting a vendor type. (B)
    • You may choose from three label options or to print the address on an envelope. (E)
    • You have the option to include or exclude inactive vendors. (D)
    • If you are going to need specific vendors on a regular basis you can memorize the report. When you run the memorized report you will be able to add or delete vendors from the list. (E)
  2. Click View PDF, then print the report.


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